We asked our customers to tell us about the impact of Plan to Eat. Here's what they said:

They spend less money on food.

The average food cost of the 2,568 customers surveyed, per person in the household per month was reduced from $199 to $152.

23% reduction in food costs

They spend less time planning and grocery shopping

The average time of our 2,568 survey respondents spent planning and grocery shopping  was reduced from 140 to 73 minutes per week.

47.5% reduction in time planning and grocery shopping

They waste less food.

Only buying the food you need helps you use more of the food you buy.

78% of our 2,568 survey respondents said they waste less food

They achieve & maintain a healthier weight

404 survey participants used Plan to Eat to lose weight. The longer they used it, the more meal planning became a habit, and the more a healthier weight was maintained.

19 lbs. average weight lost

They eat more of their meals at home together.

The average number of dinners eaten together at home per week increased from 3.6 to 5.6.

46% ate more meals together at home